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Keyword: USB to RS-232 Cable, USB 1.1 to RS-232, USB 1.0 to RS-232, USB 2.0 to RS-232, RS-232, USB to RS-232 cable
USB 2.0 to RS-232 Cable (UT-883), Compatible ...
Input range: 0 36V(DC)
A/D accuracy: 14Bit, 4 1/2
Temperature sampling range: 0-80 degree
Sampling mode: Software control
A/D converter rate: <100ms.
Adjust baud rate: ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Keywords: RS-485 to RS-232/RS-485, RS-232/RS-485 to 4 ports RS-485, RS-485 hub, RS-485 to RS-232 interface Converter
RS-485 Hub 4 Ports(UT-2204), Compatible RS-232C and RS-485, ...
1. Dual-band GSM external modem
2. EGSM900/1800MHz or EGSM900/1900MHz
3. Small size and seismic aluminum shell
4. Plug-and-play and instant Internet
5. Pass all certifications ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
32 channel TTL/DTL I/O control

RS-232/RS-485 TIA/EIA standard

Power supply: 9-30V/DC(9-48V/DC optional)

Interface: RS-232/RS-485

Environment: -25-70degree, relative ...
Standard IDE communication interface.

8-channel photoelectric isolation voltage input and 8-channel photoelectric isolation ON/OFF input.

Working power supply: From DC5V/1A ...
Input: 1 RS-232 or 1 RS-485 in binding post; Output: 8-port RS-485 in binding post
Max connection: Each port 128 RS485 devices.
Baud rate: 300BPS-115.2KBPS. Max distance: 5km ...
Hardware Interface

Connection Type: DR62 Female x 1

Bus: 32 bit Universal PCI


Transmission Speed: 300BPS-921.6Kbps ...
32-channel data input/output

Compatible the electrical level of TTL/DTL.

ISA BUS interface.

Supporting DOS/WIN95/WIN98/WIN2000/NT/XP and Linux, etc.

Working ...
RS232/RS422/RS485 to TCP/IP 16 ports converter(UT-6616)

Keywords: RS232/RS422/RS485 to TCP/IP, RS232 TCP/IP, RS485 TCP/IP, RS422 TCP/IP, Serial to TCP/IP
RS232/RS422/RS485 to ...
Keywords: RS232/RS422/RS485 to Ethernet, RS232 Ethernet, RS485 Ethernet, RS422 Ethernet, Serial to Ethernet RS232/RS422/RS485 to Ethernet Server (UT-6601), Compatible RS232C, ...
RS232/RS422/RS485 to TCP/IP 32 ports converter(UT-6632)

Keywords: RS232/RS422/RS485 to TCP/IP, RS232 TCP/IP, RS485 TCP/IP, RS422 TCP/IP, Serial to TCP/IP
RS232/RS422/RS485 to ...
Keywords: RS232 to RS422, RS232 Converter, RS422 Converter
RS232 to RS422 Mini Interface Converter (UT-202), Compatible RS232 and RS422, input RS232 in dB9, output RS422 in dB9. ...
RS-232 to RS-485/RS232 to RS-422 Interface Converter Commercial High-Powered Photoelectric Isolation (UT-207)
Compatible RS-232C and RS485 RS-422 issued by EIA/TIA. Able to ...
1. Network interface: IEEE 802.3 10/100M interface.
2. Serial interface: TTL electrical level interface.
3. Baud rate: 1, 200-230.4KBPS.
4. Data stream control: XON/XOFF or ...
Compatible RS232 and TTL, input RS232 in dB9, output TTL in dB9.

1. Exquisite mini-sized with dB9 connector.
2. Compatible RS-232 standard of EIA/TIA and TTL electrical level ...
* A Maximum high transmission speed of 1.8 MB/s (standard) or 7.2MB/s (HS488)
Under standard IEEE 488.1.
* High speed USB2.0 standard supported.
* Completely compatible with ...
Digital I/O Control Card (PCL-32C)
1. 32-channel data input/output
2. Compatible the electrical level of TTL/DTL.
3. ISA BUS interface.
4. Supporting ...
* Standards: Conforming to USB1.1, 1.0 and 2.0 standards and EIA RS-232 standard
* ...
Keyword: USB to RS-485/RS-422 Cable, USB 1.1 to RS-485/RS-422, USB 1.0 to RS-485/RS-422, USB 2.0 to RS-485/RS-422, RS-485/RS-422, USB to RS-485/RS-422 cable
USB 2.0 to ...
Keywords: Industrial Computer Chassis, Industral Computer, Chassis, Industrial control computer case
Industrial Computer Chassis (IPC-8810E)
* Inter Pentium4 3.0GHz processor
* ...
Keywords: RS-232, Serial, Photoelectric Isolator, optical isolator
RS-232 Serial Photoelectric Isolator (UT-2112)
RS-232 serial port, also known as serial optical isolator, it ...
32-Channel Optical Isolation Repeater Output Control Box (UT-2088D)
1. Standard RS-232 input interface (RS-485, TCP/IP interface optional)
2. Standards dB25 output interface
3. ...
Data Volume I/O Controller (UT-5510)
1. 4-channel photoelectric isolation voltage input and 4-channel Photoelectric isolation repeater output.
2. Working power supply: 9-30VDC ...

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